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ADA participation at MEDays, Tanger 2019

15 Nov.19

"Agro Business Industry: Investing in the Agricultural Value Chains" is the theme of the panel attended by ADA’s General Director on the occasion of the MEDays Forum on 15/11/2019 organized by the MADEUS Institute in Tanger. He highlighted the achievements of the Green Morocco Plan in terms of investment in agricultural and agro-food value chains and in the development of agribusiness.It was also an opportunity to address the PMV's focus on sustainable development and resilience to climate change, as well as opportunities for cooperation with African countries.

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06 Mar.20
تنظيم وكالة التنمية الفلاحية لزيارة دراسية إلى كولومبيا للاستفادة من تجربتها الكبيرة في الشراكات المنتجة

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05 Mar.20
لقاء جهوي حول إستراتيجية "الجيل الأخضر 2020-2030"

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04 Mar.20
مشاركة وكالة التنمية الفلاحية في ماستر كلاس حول الرقمية في خدمة الاقتصاد الفلاحي

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