After Agadir, the ADA is launching a cooperative kiosk of local products in Rabat

15 Jul.21

The Agricultural Development Agency (ADA) launched on July 15, 2021 a new cooperative kiosk dedicated exclusively to the promotion and marketing of local products. This new point of sale located at Place Mahaj Riad exhibits more than 620 local products from 47 producer groups of local products representing more than 135 cooperatives from all regions of the Kingdom.

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09 Jul.21
Cérémonie de remise des médailles de la quatrième édition du Concours Marocain des Produits du Terroir

The Agricultural Development Agency (ADA) organized the medal ceremony for the fourth edition of the Moroccan Local Products Competition. Chaired by the Secretary General of the Department of…

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01 Jul.21
Green Climate Fund (GFC): ADA re-accredited, a new pledge of confidence

The Agricultural Development Agency (ADA) obtained its re-accreditation with the Green Climate Fund (GCF) on the occasion of the 29th GCF Board of Directors, organized from June 28 to July 1, 2021…

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10 Jun.21
Local products kiosks: ADA's new solution to help cooperatives market their local products

The Agency for Agricultural Development (ADA)  launched on June 10th at Agadir a kiosk dedicated to the promotion and marketing of local products at one of the most attractive locations, the coast of…

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