Launch of the national roadshow on “New Generation” agricultural aggregation

30 Nov.21

In Kenitra on 11/30/2021, Mr. Mohamed Sadiki, Minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, chaired the official launch of the Roadshow on new generation agricultural aggregation, and this within the framework of the implementation of the new agricultural strategy "Green Generation 2020-2030".

 This Roadshow across all the Regions of the Kingdom is organized by the ADA in coordination with the DRAs, it aims to mobilize and sensitize the various actors and stakeholders in order to promote the establishment of agricultural aggregation projects. new generation, especially after the promulgation of two new ministerial decrees in May 2021 simplifying the approval procedures for aggregation projects and the procedures for granting financial incentives within the framework of these projects.

The most striking new features of these texts are reflected in the revision of the conditions and eligibility criteria, as well as by the integration of new aggregation models and new production channels, and the establishment of a preferential rate. for the incentives granted to livestock equipment as well as for hydro-agricultural development and agricultural equipment material.

 Generation Green's strategy aims to put in place at least 200 new generation agricultural aggregation projects by 2030.

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