Sustainable development and climate change

The dimension of sustainable development is part of the fundaments of the Green Morocco Plan through the adoption of the most effective and economical adaptive intervention measures while paying particular attention to the safeguarding of natural resources for sustainable agriculture.

The setting out of these measures has had positive effects on the environment through:

Mitigation measures (fruit trees plantation program, rationalization of the use of fertilizers and pesticides, management of agricultural waste, etc.).

Adaptation measures (implementation of inclusive solidarity agricultural projects pillar II, national program for saving irrigation water PNEEI, grants from the Agricultural Development Fund, agronomic research ...).

Thus and to implement these actions, the Green Morocco Plan has attracted since its launching in 2009, significant funding from technical and financial partners. The portfolio of projects led by the Agency that are funded by these donors is composed by 19 programs/projects supporting agricultural sector.

Two types of financing are to be distinguished:

  • Funding for solidarity agriculture by multilateral and bilateral donors.
  • Financing for strengthening the resilience of agriculture to climate change granted by climate funds.