Productive Alliances: ADA's experts Study trip to Colombia

06 Mar.20


Productive Alliances: a model of contract farming aimed at the organization of small producers by linking them to commercial allies with the support of the State.

The Agency for Agricultural Development organized a study trip to Colombia in order to find out about its experience in this area. This trip allowed the Moroccan delegation to shed light on the success factors and the constraints linked to the implementation of these organizational methods for sustainable and inclusive agricultural development facilitating the access of small farmers to the market.

This visit is part of the Support Project for the National Program for the Economy of Irrigation Water (PAPNEEI 2) financed by the African Development Bank, as well as within the framework of the mixed cooperation agreement between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Colombia.

The study trip was attended by representatives of the ADA, the Directorate of Irrigation and Planning of Agricultural Space and the ORMVAs of Doukkala and Loukkos.

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