investment promotion and investors' support

The main missions of the agency for agricultural development regarding the investment promotion and the investors support are as follows :

The activities related to investment promotion are :

  • Informing investors on the investment opportunities and the business climate in the agricultural sector in Morocco under the Green Morocco Plan ;
  • Orienting and advising investors in the choice of agricultural investment projects by providing them information kits that include the main data for the upstream and downstream of the agricultural value chains, as well as summarized studies for typical agricultural projects ;


  • Advising investors on the terms and conditions in order to participate in the tendering process of the public-private partnership framework (presentation of the tender specifications), as well as setting up agricultural aggregation projects ;
  • Informing investors about the government financial incentives for the promotion of agricultural investment under the agricultural development fund.

Download the Agricultural Development Fund brochure

The activities related to investors support are :

  • Providing investors with practical information and investment guides for the implementation of their project ;

Download the Investor’s Guide in the agricultural sector in Morocco

  • Providing support and guidance to partners in the framework of the public-private partnership for setting up their projects ;
  • Connecting investors and partners for the development of joint investment projects.

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