PPP General Framework

The partnership between the state and the private sector around the state farmlands owned by the State is based on a long-term lease  (17 to 40 years depending on the nature of the project) in the benefit of investors committed to achieve agricultural projects aiming to optimize these lands while contributing to employment opportunities in the rural areas.These lands are allocated through public tenders launched by the Agency for Agricultural Development and led by an Interministerial Commission composed of :

  • Agency for Agricultural Development ;
  • Rural Affairs Direction (Ministry of the Interior) ;
  • State Domains Direction (Ministry of Economy and Finance) ;
  • Moroccan Agency for Development of Investments and Exports (Ministry of Industry, Investment, Commerce and Digital Economy).

The Agency for Agricultural Development in collaboration with its institutional partners (State Domains Department «DDE», the Department of Rural Affairs «DAR» and the Department of Habous «DH»), launches public tenders, for agricultural investment projects according to the availability of agricultural land. 

The technical data of lands of each public tenders and the conditions of participation are available on the website of the Agency for Agricultural Development.