Local Products and Labels Promotion

Promotion and communication campaigns on local products

In order to increase the sales of the products available in supermarkets and to sensitize the Moroccan consumer about the nutritional wealth of the Moroccan local products, the Agency of Agricultural Development conducts direct marketing campaigns during periods of high consumption (Chaâbane, Ramadan, MRE, End of the year). 

These campaigns combine different media actions on various communication channels,. In parallel, non-media marketing are optimized to stimulate the market demand.  Non-media actions include merchandising, the implementation of POS tools, sales animation, tasting sessions and street-marketing for the distribution of products flyers, brochures and recipe books based on local products.



Setting up of the collective label "TERROIR DU MAROC":

The Agency for Agricultural Development has set up the collective label "TERROIR DU MAROC" as a tool to promote Moroccan local products.   


This label is accompanied by a regulation of use which defines the conditions and the modalities of its exploitation and has been enregistred at the national and international level, accompanied by this regulation, as a collective mark owned by the Ministry of Agriculture represented by the ADA.

* Download link of the regulation of use of the collective label "TERROIR DU MAROC"

The main objectives assigned to this label are:

  • The regularization of the use of the mention "Moroccan local products" ; 
  • Creation of a collective tool for the promotion of local products at national and international level to improve the income of the small producers concerned ;
  • Increasing the quality of their products and also ensuring better visibility of Moroccan products.

Following the establishment of the Homologation Committee for the use of the "TERROIR DU MAROC" collective label in March 2016, the said Committee held several meetings, the last of which was held on May 2, 2019. To date, the number of products benefiting user authorizations reached 409 products from 118 producer groups representing 241 cooperatives.





The Moroccan local Products Contest is a bi-annual competition that is part of the trading development strategy of local products. This event aims to promote Moroccan products and improve their quality.

Products admitted to the Contest

Any product that falls into one of the following 5 categories: honey, food oils, animal products, products based on fruit and vegetable and products based on cereal, and that meet the criteria listed in the Contest Rules.

Registration procedure

Producers must complete the registration forms (Registration link for the 5th edition of the Moroccan Local Products Contest) and send them to the Agricultural Development Agency  through the Regional Directorates of Agriculture (DRAs). .

Contest Results



Award – Winning products list download link for the 4rd edition (2020)

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