Support of Groups

Since 2012, the Agency for Agricultural Development has been launching ongoing upgrading programmes for local products groups in collaboration with institutional partners (Regional Directorates for Agriculture, National Office of Food Safety, National Office of Agricultural Council, Direction of Development of the Production Chains and Food Exports Control and Coordination Organization) and other relevant operators.


This programme enables beneficiary groups to meet market requirements, improve packaging and strengthen their technical and managerial capacities in order to facilitate access to modern trade channels.

Areas of intervention
  • Production and valorization ;
  • Legal and regulatory compliance in the field of food safety ;
  • Marketing-Commercialization ;
  • Governance ;
  • Finance.


Launch of the 5th upgrade program in 2019, for 50 groups of local products.




Partnership with the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity around Solidarity Market Oasis in Casablanca

As part of the implementation of the trading development strategy of local products in particular its axis relative to the improvement of the products access of the  modern markets and the large distribution on the national and international level, firstly, and programs implemented by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity to support rural women and young people to provide them with the means to ensure stable resources, on the other hand, the Agricultural Developement Agency  supports the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity for the establishment and management of solidarity market in Oasis in Casablanca, dedicated to the presentation and marketing of products of cooperatives of local products.

This operation has for main objectives:

  • The development of the valorization and the marketing of the products of the soil;
  • The encouragement and integration of local produce cooperatives into organized marketing channels;
  • Continuation of activities aimed at adopting the gender approach and building the capacity of women and young producers of local products;
  • Improving the income of producers of local products.

The solidarity market has as its main mission to ensure the transport of local products from target groups to consumers, while ensuring that producers generate significant margins by positioning their products directly to end consumers.