Approaches to implementation of the two pillars of the green morocco plan

The Green Morocco Plan is based on a global approach integrating the whole actors operating in the agricultural sector within a contractual framework at all levels and is founded on two pillars: a first pillar focused on the development of a modern agriculture with high added value in the irrigated areas and favorable Bour, and a second pillar focused on raising agricultural income in the most vulnerable areas.

The Pillar I approach fits perfectly with the market rules and should lead to the setting up of 1000 integrated projects for 397.000 farmers and this with a global investment of 78 billion dirhams.

The Pillar I projects are based on the following principles :

  • The project is carried out in areas with high agricultural potential (favorable or irrigated areas) ;
  • The project is undertaken, either individually or as part of an aggregation project ;
  • The investment is private ;
  • The State support for the project’s implementation, particularly for investments through the Agricultural Development Fund (FDA), with specific support for aggregation projects.

The Pillar II approach aims to develop solidarity farming implementing projects that are technically feasible, economically viable and socially appropriate in fragile areas (mountains, oases, plains and plateaus of the semi-arid).

The Pillar II project is based on state intervention in the framework of a partnership with beneficiaries grouped together in representative professional organizations. It is based on a chain vision integrating the entire "upstream - downstream" value chain and takes into consideration the rational and sustainable management of natural resources.

The PMV projected to realize out of 911 social projects for 934.000 farmers for a planned cost of 21 billion dirhams. The objective is to increase vegetable and animal production in less favored areas to improve income farmers.

To achieve this objective, the Green Morocco Plan’s strategy proposes the implementation of 3 categories of pillar II project:

  • Reconversion projects: substitution of cereals in fragile areas by higher value-added crops ;
  • Intensification projects: improvement of productivity and enhancement of existing productions ;
  • Diversification projects: creation of additional farm income through additional productions (saffron, honey, medicinal plants ...).