Main achievements of the green Morocco Plan

After ten years of implementing the Green Morocco Plan that has placed the attraction of investment for the benefit of the agricultural sector at the core of this strategy; the achievements are aligned with the objectives that have been set.


In fact, the agricultural sector has drained between 2008 and 2018 an investment of 104 Billion MAD, 40% as  public investments and 60% from private investments.


In this framework, the state financial incentives through the Agricultural Development Fund have increased by 112%, and each 1 MAD of financial aid granted generated 2,85 MAD of investment.


All of these investments have significantly improved the performances of the agricultural sector in terms of economic and social aspects.


On the economic level, the agricultural GDP has increased annually by 5.25% against 3.8% for the other sectors, thus creating an additional added value of 47 billion MAD.


The exports of agricultural products increased by 117% from 15 billion MAD to 33 billion MAD.


On the social level, the Green Morocco Plan has enabled the creation of 342 000 additional job opportunities. Furthermore, the number of working days per year and per worker has increased from 110 days/year to 140 days/year, as a result of the extension of cultivated areas, crop diversification, and the improved production.


These performances have been achieved due to the State's proactive policy, which has been implemented through setting up both solidarity agriculture projects (Pillar II) and high added value projects (Pillar I).


Regarding solidarity agriculture, 989 projects were launched for the benefit of 730 000 beneficiaries. These projects have enabled to plant trees over nearly 438 455 hectares, the establishment of 450 processing units, the hydro-agricultural equipment of 83 960 hectares, the pastoral improvement of 39 185 hectares, and the opening of rural paths over 545 kilometers.


In parallel with solidarity agriculture projects, particular attention has been given to the development of local territory products, which have grown considerably following the promulgation of the Law No. 25-06 on the distinctive signs of origin. Thus, we note the recognition of 62 labeled products, the upgrading of 720 cooperatives (20,000 beneficiaries), the construction and equipment of 484 processing units, and the referencing of 3 000 items at hypermarkets and supermarkets with a turnover of nearly 80 MDH.


There was also a significant progress in High added value agriculture under the Green Morocco Plan through two levers: Agricultural Aggregation and the Public-Private Partnership around the agricultural land.


Regarding Agricultural Aggregation, and following the promulgation of the law n ° 04-12 on Agricultural Aggregation and the establishment of an incentive system dedicated to aggregation projects, 63 aggregation projects covering a total  area of  177,000 hectares have been implemented for the benefit of 55,000 farmers, 80% of whom are small farmers owning less than 5 hectares.


Concerning the Public-Private Partnership around the agricultural State owned land, 1 575 projects were set up over an area of ​​nearly 112 000 hectares, with a projected investment of 22.3 billion MAD, allowing the creation of 63,000 jobs. It is to be noted that 720 projects were allocated to small farmers and entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector.


In terms of water saving, the area equipped with drip irrigation systems has expanded significantly to reach 542 000 hectares against 128 000 hectares only in 2008.